About Jemsoft

Jemsoft is a computer vision and machine learning company providing industry leading technology to global enterprise and developers. We're a global company based in Australia, providing the best cognitive computing products and solutions you can buy.

We provide solutions, tools and services that are platform agnostic and user trainable.

In 2013 we set out on a mission to create the world's best, easiest to use and most accessible cognitive computing systems, and three years and countless research hours later we've built a powerful and extensive computer vision framework for the cloud.

To keep in line with the aim to make these systems as accessible as possible, you can host our systems in our data centre around the globe, on local servers or operating units, or co-located on your favourite public cloud.

We strive to offer the most useable and accessible cognitive computing products and services in the world. We understand that computer vision and machine learning can be applied to a seemingly endless number of situations, and that systems need to be able to change and update over time.

Jemsoft's computer vision systems are user trainable using a drag and drop interface for classifier and detection model training, and a full range of endpoints to train your data on our distributed cloud.