MonocularAPI The Intelligent Backbone for Your Applications

The Flexible Computer Vision API That Works Anytime, Anywhere.

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Cloud based enterprise grade API providing our industry leading technology to developers everywhere at no upfront cost.


Streamline your development and leverage Jemsoft’s MonocularAPI and tools on your machine, in your favourite stack.

Docs & Support

API & support docs, FAQ, and one-on-one support (with a real person!). Knowledge base and community forums coming soon.

What is MonocularAPI?

The computer vision API that gives you total control and flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you move your data centre or change your software stack - MonocularAPI works anytime, anywhere.

Unlike many other computer vision APIs, MonocularAPI is user trainable, meaning that any user -technical or not- can train machine learning models to identify certain objects and features, using either the Visual Training Lab or the API endpoints available.

MonocularAPI doesn’t constrain you to certain use cases. Whilst we offer the standard features you’d expect such as face detection, facial recognition, and object tracking, we also expose raw and highly customisable end points such as erosion and dilation - allowing you to chain commands together with our detectors or yours, building your own algorithms. If there’s a problem you need solved or a use case you can’t quite fit with MonocularAPI, Jemsoft’s enterprise division can likely solve it for you.

Who is MonocularAPI for?

Everyone! Whether you're a multi-billion dollar global company, a system integrator, startup, small dev shop, indie dev, or even just interested in computer vision, MonocularAPI is for you. Creating an account is free forever, and you get 5,000 credits every month as a free user.

If you think you'll use a large amount of API credits (more than 20,000,000 per month) then contact us and we'll provide you with an enterprise access key.

Why MonocularAPI?

MonocularAPI is the only user-trainable, extensible, platform agnostic, enterprise grade computer vision API on the market.

To get you started, some use cases for MonocularAPI include:

  • Identifying and classifying your own trained features and objects,
  • Pattern identification,
  • Data enrichment based on visual data or video,
  • Determining if manufactured objects meet tolerance,
  • Discriminating between different objects for sorting and object classification,
  • Automating manual processes,
  • Identifying, Detecting, and Classifying objects and faces.

MonocularAPI Pricing

At Jemsoft we strive to have fair and transparent pricing. Subscriptions are billed based on your expected usage, with excess usage billed at the additional credit usage prices. See the pricing page for more information.