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Fair and Transparent Pricing

How Do We Price MonocularAPI

At Jemsoft we strive to have fair and transparent pricing. Subscriptions are billed based on your expected usage, with excess usage billed at the additional credit usage price listed below.

Scaled Pricing

At Jemsoft we're big believers that to provide you with the world's best service, we have to align our own interest with yours. That's why we've broken our pricing down into tiers to support customers of every size.

Whether you're a global enterprise or an indie developer building the next big thing, MonocularAPI has a pricing tier to suit you. If you're a researcher or are developing an open source project, please contact us to discuss concessions.

Just Looking?

Great, that's what our software does! Creating an account is free forever, and you get 5,000 credits every month as a free user.

Pricing Tiers

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Monthly Fee Additional Credits Storage Space
5,000 Free $0.006 1GB
15,000 $19 $0.003 1GB
50,000 $59 $0.003 1GB
200,000 $179 $0.003 1GB
500,000 $400 $0.0015 5GB
1,000,000 $800 $0.0015 10GB
3,000,000 $1,500 $0.0015 20GB
5,000,000 $3,000 $0.0008 40GB
10,000,000 $4,500 $0.0008 80GB
20,000,000 $9,000 $0.0008 160GB
20,000,001 +
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MonocularAPI makes computer vision easy to use - but it's still very hard to price.

To make our costs easier to understand, we've developed a credit system, with different features priced according to an estimated computational complexity. The documentation explains the cost for every endpoint very clearly.

Utility Functions


Utility functions are endpoints that are not computationally intensive. Generally anything that is not running a detector, algorithm, or classifier, but involves image manipulation is a utility function.

Cognitive Functions


Cognitive functions are the endpoints that provide access to cognitive computing. Detectors, classifiers, and algorithmic endpoints are examples of cognitive functions.

Training Functions


Training functions and endpoints are what you use to train your own machine learning models. These are typically charged based on the number of images used to train your model.

We know you'd rather be reading our beautiful documentation than this web page, so we've also built the pricing into the development docs, so it's always close at hand.

* The not-so-fine print
Anything that does not fall into one of the above categories, such as authentication, meterage queries, or dashboard routes, will not be charged. We also do not charge for the typical CRUD endpoints.